About McFarland

The Publisher:

Established in 1979 McFarland & Company is one of the leading publishers of reference books and scholarly monographs in the United States, with nearly 6,500 titles published to date, including nearly 5,000 still in print. They publish nearly 400 new titles each year for a worldwide market; many of their books have received awards as outstanding titles. In addition to libraries, McFarland books have found a home with enthusiasts and savvy individuals.

They are recognized for noteworthy books about popular culture, history, science fiction, history and medieval studies, among other topics. Located in a beautiful Appalachian mountain town (Jefferson, North Carolina), McFarland continues to establish itself as an important academic publisher with a growing world-wide reputation.

Beginning in 2017-18 McFarland’s Studies in Gaming series aims to contribute to the growing body of scholarship in this emergent discipline.

More on McFarland can be found at their website: www.mcfarlandbooks.com.