About Matthew Wilhelm Kapell

The General Editor:

Matthew Wilhelm Kapell has published eight books, including three with McFarland. With graduate degrees in anthropology and history he has a Ph.D. in American Studies from Swansea University in Great Britain.

His first book in Games Studies was Playing with the Past: Digital Games and the Simulation of History (Bloomsbury, 2013). Edited with Andrew B.R. Elliott, it features 21 chapters on the ways in with computer and console games deal with history and historiography. More information about it can be found at playingwiththepast.com.

In 2016 McFarland published The Play Versus Story Divide in Game Studies: Critical Essays examined the narratology and ludology positions in the study of games through a dozen essays by established and emerging scholars in the field.

His professional website is at matthewkapell.com.